Sonance & James Loudspeaker Case Study

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Our job is to enrich our client’s lives with technology yet make it so seamless it’s like we’re not even there. To respect the environment, the design, the overall aesthetics, becoming one with the space, just as the wood and steel, the stone and glass.

The various smart home technologies that we integrated at this beautiful home — from distributed audio, TV displays, and a custom theater, to integration into the lighting control and window treatments, even electronic tinting glass — all had to be under one interface that was controlled intuitively and smoothly.

We make it a goal it to compliment the vision of designers and architects, and what they are wanting to achieve, so when it came to integrating an immersive audio experience here, we chose select products from Sonance & James Loudspeaker; small aperture speakers, discreet subwoofers that can be concealed in the floor, ceiling and wall, without having large grills that just draw your eyes to them. Everything simply needed to be clean, discreet and design-centric. That was our solution.

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