Stay High Agency, the Polish-based promoters and producers of a popular series of near legendary Roof Party events (which take place on the roofs of hotels and malls in their native city of Krakow) have taken delivery of a state-of-the-art Martin Audio Wavefront Precision WPS. The decision was made after Phono Media, Martin Audio’s Polish distributor, set up a demo.

The distributor confirms that the customer had already been “heavily oriented towards Martin Audio”. They add that “Stay High Agency started their adventure with Martin Audio solutions with CDD-LIVE before moving up to their first large-scale system. They first used this system on the Roof Party cycle.

The Agency purchased ten of the compact WPS enclosures, along with six SXC118 subwoofers, to be powered by three high-powered iK81 8-channel Class D amplifiers.

In addition they also ordered six of the Blackline XP12powered speakers, along with a pair of Blackline XP118subs, as well as a pair of CCD-LIVE 12 and SXP118 subwoofers.

The Agency’s new inventory of Martin Audio kit allows them to make a single large concert configuration for demanding clubbing events but also gives them the possibility of splitting the entire system into smaller configurations that can play simultaneously in different locations.

During the biggest of these events, the powered BlacklineX and CDD-LIVE can be used either as an additional zonal sound systems, or on the stage as a sidefills or wedges.

In addition to their Roof Parties, Stay High Agency also organises events under the ‘This Place’ banner, in such places as the Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow, The Juliusz Sowacki Theater in the same city and legendary, historical Forum Hotel. They are also founders and operators of the unique concert and clubbing space Nowa Rezydencja (New Residence), who also chose sound solutions from Martin Audio.

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