TiMax introduces two new product integrations at Infocomm 2024

TiMax – pioneering manufacturers of immersive and object-based audio technology and show management solutions – introduces two TiMax product integrations at InfoComm 2024 (June 11 – 14, 2024 – Las Vegas Convention Center), being debuted at their Stand C9241.

The unequalled power and spatial audio prowess of TiMax will be demonstrated live at the show in Martin Audio’s demonstration room, N112. A part of the Focusrite Group, the powerful immersive and spatial audio capabilities of TiMax will form a part of sister pro audio brand, Martin Audio’s presentation at the show. Martin Audio loudspeakers are one of the loudspeaker brands in the ‘TiMax Recommends’ family of manufacturers proposing TiMax as their recommended immersive spatial processing solution.

What the pro-audio world really needs is yet another reverb plug-in – NOT.  This is why TiMax has not made one. Instead, TiMax has created a new concept in configurable automated reverb platforms for spatial audio productions and system integration.  This powerful new plug-in option, available to all existing FPGA-equipped TiMax SoundHub spatial processors, adds no less than four individual 1-in / 16-out ultra-high-quality reverb engines which give sound designers full control of all parameters as well as access to an advanced 3D room reverb-builder application.  Aux sends to each reverb engine can be driven by the TiMax TimeLine automation, TiMax TrackerD4 stagetracking so that performers’ mics or effects can be cross-faded between different reverb effects or just similar presets spatially configured to be consistent with their localisation on stage.  A unique parameter “morphing” function facilitates the rapid selection, and adjustment, of desired reverb styles under high-pressure tech rehearsal conditions.

New for the award-winning TiMax TrackerD4 precision stagetracking solution is TiMax TrackerSP, a software add-on option for integrated lighting and media control. Developed in collaboration with virtual production showcontrol specialists, Stage Precision GmbH, TiMax TrackerSP enables TiMax TrackerD4 to intelligently direct and focus groups of moving-head light fixtures using ArtNet and sACN networked DMX.  TiMax TrackerSP operates seamlessly for synchronised groups of fixtures across multiple tracked objects and opens the door for further Stage Precision integration with videomapping and camera control, as well as Unreal and Notch control and beyond.

With R&D firmly at the heart of our business, TiMax SoundHub and TiMax TrackerD4 products benefit from additional and ongoing enhancements that cement their status as the leading real-time immersive audio spatialisation on premium live shows and events.  

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