Singapore, known for its innovation and cutting-edge advancements, is the proud host of this year’s FIRST Global Challenge, marking the seventh edition of this remarkable international robotics competition. From 7th to 10th October, at the Singapore EXPO, this groundbreaking event represents a significant milestone as it ventures into Asia for the very first time.

With the unique Olympic-style setting demanding a discreet yet powerful solution with even coverage, it was a challenge to find the right sound system for this occasion. Traditional bulky speakers were out of the question, as they could obstruct the audience’s view and the watchful eyes of the press.

Working closely with Generation AV, N-Live found the perfect solution with Martin Audio’s FlexPoint FP4 sound system. Generation AV recommended the FP4 for its portability and remarkable power, despite its compact size. The FP4 is a point-source loudspeaker tailored for short-throw distributed systems, ensuring premium sound quality from a compact enclosure. It astoundingly delivers exceptional output and performance while taking up minimal space, making it the perfect fit for installations that require precise spot and fill coverage.

At first, there was some skepticism about whether these speakers, due to their compact dimensions, would be loud enough for the grand occasion. However, System Engineer Sher Mohamed’s doubts were swiftly put to rest as he was astonished by the sheer power of the FP4. Its wide and smooth frequency response effortlessly reproduced both speech and music, making it an impeccable choice for the grand stage of the 2023 FIRST Global Challenge in Singapore.

The FlexPoint FP4’s are powered using Martin Audio’s VIA amplifiers, and the new DX0.4 loudspeaker processors utilising the latest FIR presets.

As the world’s young innovators gather to compete and inspire, the technology behind the scenes plays a crucial role in ensuring their success. With Generation AV’s expert guidance and the FlexPoint FP4 as the sound system of choice, the event was a harmonious symphony of technology and talent, embracing the future of youth robotics with resounding success. This collaboration between N-Live and Generation AV has proven to be the ideal solution for this remarkable event, showcasing the power of innovative partnerships in the world of event technology.

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