LEA Amps For Immersive Dining Experience | Inside Out

To create San Diego’s only urban oasis, InsideOut required an updated audio system that would combine an immersive environment while also being conscious of the apartment complex’s residents. They ultimately decided LEA Professional was the perfect fit.

Let’s dive in! 🦈


🏢 Venue: Inside Out | San Diego, California

👷‍♂️ Integrator: R Tech Productions

🎶 Audio Spaces: Main dining and outdoor atrium

🦈 Product Used: CONNECTSERIES  354N (3) 


Created in 2018, InsideOUT is situated in Hillcrest’s eye-catching Eitol Towers and adjoined by the Harvey Hillcrest apartments. The restaurant strives to create a casual, elegant ambiance, known for its elevated pop-up installations for guests to immerse themselves and relax in its modern oasis. The venue includes a main dining room that leads to an outdoor open-air atrium with walkways, seating nooks, and a striking water feature for guests to enjoy. The menu, curated by Executive Chef Johnny Duran, is updated seasonally to reflect his creative approach to California-Mediterranean-inspired fare, using the freshest ingredients provided by local purveyors.


InsideOUT engaged Ramiro Valenzuela, Founder of R-Tech Productions, and his team to provide an audio solution that fit the multi-format venue. R-Tech Productions combined the smart technology of LEA Professional’s Connect Series 354 to create an immersive environment for patrons.

“I had a walkthrough with the InsideOUT team, and it was clear the original audio system had not been well-maintained. They were looking for a reliable sound design that wasn’t overpowering to the guest’s experience but also allowed for adjustments for different areas inside the restaurant,” Valenzuela shared. “I knew LEA Professional would be a great fit for this project as the technology allows you to easily install amplifiers in the correct profile and then adjust them accordingly with no other hands touching it.” 

LEA Professional’s Connect Series 354 was installed to handle several banks of ceiling loudspeakers. The amplifier’s smart capabilities can delay the audio or adjust the volume by channel.




“InsideOUT is a great example of how flexible LEA Professional’s technology is,” added Scott Robbins, Vice President of Sales at LEA Professional. “Harnessing our revolutionary cloud capabilities and combining it with Pioneer PRO AUDIO’s superior loudspeaker technology was the perfect combination for this multi-format venue. We are confident that this new system will provide an immersive experience for InsideOUT’s guests.”

We would like to thank everyone at Inside Out and R Tech Productions for choosing LEA on this killer install and we hope to provide quality sound at Inside Out for many years to come.

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