Longjin Middle School’s auditorium in Shenzhen’s Baoan District now features an upgraded Martin Audio sound system, ensuring an enhanced audio experience.

Shenzhen Longjin Middle School, an esteemed member of the Baozhong Group, excels as a regional education leader. Strategically located in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, it embraces the ‘Three Cities and One Port’ vision, serving as a vital hub in the Airport New City. The school’s vibrant campus features the Longjin Library, a unique haven with over 100,000 books. Lecture and concert halls, equipped for 1,000, cater to diverse student needs. With double-floored teaching and dormitory areas and inviting outdoor rooftops, the school fosters communal spaces for students to relax, enjoy the sea breeze, and envision their future memories.

Martin Audio, a global pioneer in optimized line array technology, stands at the forefront of innovation! The Wavefront Precision line arrays, featuring WPM, WPS, WPC, and WPL, offer a scalable solution for precise control, consistency, and extensive coverage in any event or installation. This revolutionary lineup has become Martin Audio’s fastest-selling range, making waves at major festivals, concerts, corporate events, houses of worship, live venues, and auditoriums.

Longjin School’s auditorium upgrade features the Martin Audio’s WPM line array from the Wavefront Precision Series, with 7 WPM a side flown underneath an SXF115 subwoofer for optimal coverage.  There are 2 WPMs in the center channel that ensures uniform sound distribution across all seats, while 4 DDX118 subwoofers enhance low-frequency energy.  WPM, a versatile two-way passive line array, excels with a peak SPL of 130dB and consistent coverage, making it an ideal choice for live sound reinforcement in various venues.

Revolutionizing Auditorium Acoustics: Longjin School’s auditorium now features Martin Audio’s DDX Series, with DDX15 on stage return, DDX12 as downfill, and DDX8 as lip fill. This strategic setup ensures a uniform and immersive sound experience, setting new standards in live audio technology.

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