Raftaar is amplified by Martin Audio

INDIA:  Rapper Raftaar recently performed at IIM Indore, amplified by Martin Audio’s WPL Line Array. Hardia Sound & Light, under the direction of Mahesh Hardia and the technical expertise of mix engineer, Akash Shivakumar, was responsible for the audio, eager to ensure a memorable experience for attendees.

“Utilising the Martin Audio WPL system significantly propelled our event’s audio experience into a league of its own. The clarity and consistency in sound across the venue were unparalleled, reflecting positively on our business. Our collaboration with VMT has not only enriched our events but has also opened avenues for future endeavours,” said Hardia.

“The Martin Audio setup, especially the WPL line array and SXH218 subwoofers, provided a robust and crystal-clear sound. The technical nuances were easily maneuvered with the iK42 amplifier, making the mix extremely responsive. The inclusion of waves plugins further enhanced the auditory texture, making the sound engineering process a dream,” said Sonu Choudhary, mix engineer.

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