Situated in Japan’s Miyazaki Prefecture, Saito City Hall recently upgraded its loudspeaker systems, opting for an all-Martin Audio solution, including the latest WPS optimised line array. The multipurpose Hall has a seating capacity of 1000 and is used for such events as ceremonies, lectures and cultural presentations.

Mr. Fukui of F Enterprise, the company that manages the Saito City Hall, commented, “My goal was to create an environment in which an identical sound can be experienced in every audience seat. The reason for choosing Martin Audio products is because we have used Martin Audio F215, X12 and LE100 point source systems for monitoring, which place the focus on the sound produced by the performer. Thanks to the resolution and clarity of the sound, making it easier for us to respond to the monitor requests at the site, I had no concerns.

“As Yoshikazu Mera, the famous counter-tenor singer, as well as the director of Saito City Hall also have a high appreciation of sound, we had no hesitation in choosing Martin Audio systems.”

They discussed their requirements with Martin Audio dealer, Mr. Miura of Music Reserve, based on the different usage of the Hall and the music genres to be played.

A single array of five WPS elements was selected for the main proscenium system and since the required coverage area differs depending on the performance, Martin Audio XD12 was chosen, two cabinets per side—one for far field, the other for near field. Adding LF extension, an SX118 subwoofer has been installed on either side of the stage, while four CDD5 are used for stage frontfills, in order to improve intelligibility while suppressing reflections at the rear seating. All this is powered by four multi-channel iKON iK42 dedicated control amplifiers.

“As a result, we are now able to deliver a stable Martin Audio signature sound anywhere in the venue,” concludes Mr. Fukui. “We have already used this system in various applications, including speech and music, and every time we have received praise.”

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