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LEA Amps Power Residential Buildings In Hawaii

LEA Amps Power Residential Buildings in Hawaii

Aloha Sharks, 

When PAC Audio was tasked with providing the sound for a new high rise residential building in Waikiki, they knew it was crucial to have a reliable, flexible system to accommodate the end user. After hearing about LEA Professional and its 200 years of combined audio experience they knew it was the right choice.

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🏢 Venue: Lilia Waikiki | Honolulu, Hawaii

👷‍♂️ Integrator: PAC Audio & Communications

🎶 Audio Spaces: First & Ninth Levels of complex

🦈 Product Used: CONNECTSERIES 168D (3)





Lilia Waikiki is a vibrant mixed-use development in the heart of Waikiki, one of Hawaii’s most well-known destinations for retail, lodging, dining and commercial entertainment. Opened in 2022, the 28-story residential tower features over 400 apartment units and over 40,000 square feet of neighborhood-serving retail. 

“We needed to achieve distributed audio in one seamless integration. The audio needed to follow the tenant through every building touchpoint from the lobby and the mailboxes, to the elevator, recreation deck and more. Not only that, but the music would run for long periods of time, so it needed to be a very stable, reliable system,” commented Corey Lopez, Project Manager, PAC Audio.

To deliver on this brief PAC Audio required a scalable, flexible system. The company was recommended to try LEA Professional by Sonance. Once PAC Audio understood LEA Professional’s pedigree and combined 200 years of audio experience, any trepidations about using a new manufacturer disappeared. 

The team chose three LEA Connect Series 168D Dante-enabled smart amplifiers for the project, installing one on the first level, and two on the 9th level of the complex. These alongside a lineup of 23 speakers – five different models – powered all of the common areas of the complex. 

“The Web UI was super useful. We had amplifiers on different floors of the building and the ability to view and adjust the first-floor amp while on the ninth floor was really convenient,” commented Kale Bishop, Senior Engineer at PAC Audio.




The team needed a Dante-enabled amplifier to future proof the system, and supply the same continuous music throughout the building

“The Dante Connect Series amplifiers fit a need for us, between the size profile ensuring it was taking up little rack space, to the flexibility they provided in allowing us to use five different models of speakers, they gave us everything we needed and then some,” commented Pono Nauka, General Manager, PAC Audio. “There is nothing on the market that can replace the Connect Series, it is a really unique product and one that we have also specified for upcoming installations.”

We would like to thank everyone at PAC Audio for choosing our amps for this killer install at Lilia Waikiki and we hope our amps provide quality sounds for years to come.

Martin Audio


In an online special event presentation, Martin Audio has announced nine new products including the portable series, FlexPoint, primarily targeting the premier rental market.

With state-of-the-art acoustic design and technical innovations throughout, the FlexPoint series sets a new benchmark in performance and versatility for compact, standalone loudspeakers. FlexPoint systems deliver the very highest quality sound to match the expectations of prestige venues and top-flight touring artists, while their passive two-way configuration heeds the need to reduce running costs and amplifier count.

Comprising five models—all with highly flexible deployment—the FlexPoint series covers a vast range of professional applications, from live sound reinforcement, theatre sound and corporate AV to distributed sound systems and immersive environments. From the miniature FP4 to the powerful FP15, FlexPoint loudspeakers are compact and discreet — providing ultimate clarity, detail and coverage at all sound levels without affecting sight lines or detracting from venue architecture.

Coaxial point source technology lies at the heart of FlexPoint systems, delivering smoother and more consistent response off-axis than traditional two-way systems. But Martin Audio has gone further with exemplary dispersion patterns by incorporating a two-stage waveguide within the magnet structure. This waveguide maintains wide constant horizontal coverage out to very high frequencies, while the perimeter of the cone acts as the horn mouth, enabling pattern control to a lower frequency. Drivers can also be rotated without the need for any tools increasing their deployment options and ease of use out on the road.

FlexPoint Systems can be used in conjunction with SX series subwoofers to extend low-frequency performance and impact, and it was this range that also saw two new additions announced. The SX115 is a single 15” subwoofer and the SX215 is a double 15” subwoofer, both models allowing for pole-mounting of a FlexPoint system. This now means that the SX series comprises a single and double 10”, 12”, 15” and 18” as well as a cardioid 15” and 18” and the ultimate subwoofer performance of the Hybrid® horn/reflex loaded SXH218.

Finally, in keeping with the name, FlexPoint systems support a flexible electronics package. For the optimum sound performance, Martin Audio iKON amplifiers with onboard DSP are recommended. However, and primarily for larger installations, Martin Audio VIA amplifiers in conjunction with a DX4.0 system controller are compatible. Then, for smaller installations utilising FP4, FP6, and FP8, a combination of VIA amplifiers and the newly announced DX0.4 or DX0.6 controller are a cost-effective option. The DX0.4 is a 2-input, 4-output controller, while the DX0.6 is 2-input, 6-output.

All nine products will start shipping no later than June, but some products will be available earlier.

Dom Harter, managing director, summed up by saying, “Alongside Wavefront Precision optimised line arrays and TORUS constant curvature arrays, the exciting FlexPoint series completes a trio of premium loudspeaker categories, our finest live sound offering in the company’s history, delivering the Martin Audio signature sound experience for everything from an intimate gig to the largest of festivals.

“The addition of the two new SX subwoofers also completes a full complement of low-end solutions, while the two new controllers provide additional flexibility and cost efficiency when required.”