Martin Audio’s O-LINE Micro Array Powers Luzhou Laojiao Command Center

The Luzhou Laojiao Command Center in Sichuan Province, China, now features Martin Audio’s O-LINE microarray, enhancing the venue’s audio and video capabilities following successful integration and commissioning.

Martin Audio’s O-Line™ is a compact, scalable high-definition modular array designed to master architectural and acoustically challenging environments, and comprises multiple array modules seamlessly connected for adaptability.

At the Luzhou Laojiao Command Center, 6 suspended O-Line™ micro arrays on each side serve as the main loudspeakers, offering complete venue coverage. Enhancing the experience, 2 SX112B subwoofers handle low-frequency expansion, and 12 4-inch Ceiling 4.8T speakers in the rear area act as fills for a comprehensive audio experience.

The signal distribution and processing are handled by Martin Audio’s VIA series power amplifier driver and DX0.5 processor.

Following the acceptance test, the command center demonstrated even coverage across all areas, delivering crystal-clear vocals and music with a richness in sound quality and dynamics. The client expressed high praises for the overall sound quality.

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