Connect Series LEDs: The Colors of the Shark Fin Explained

Our CONNECTSERIES amplifiers are intentionally designed with no front panel knobs, buttons, or controls. The reason for this was to maintain a sleek and industrial design while also preventing any unwanted tampering or adjustments to the user settings. However, we did want the front panel to include an array of information that would help installers quickly check the status of their units. One of those status features is the actual Shark Fin logo itself. The Shark Fin logo located on the front panel of the amplifier changes between four main colors, each of which indicates a different amplifier state. The Shark Fin logo will illuminate GREEN when AC power is plugged in but the unit is off, BLUE when the unit is on, CYAN when the units is undergoing a factory reset, and MAGENTA when the unit is undergoing a firmware update.

Let’s dive in and take a closer look at each of these states…

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