EN54-16 Certification For LEA Connect Series

LEA Professional Achieves EN54-16 Certification

To continue to fulfill our commitment to providing high-quality solutions that meet critical safety standards, our Connect Series amplifiers have now achieved EN54-16 voice alarm certification. Thus confirming that safety and performance are a priority here at LEA Professional.

Since our launch in 2019, we have consistently and heavily invested in improving safety and performance standards across our Connect Series range. With the increasingly strict worldwide standards, our amplifiers are built to be used in projects of all sizes. With now being EN54-16 certified the Connect Series has been thoroughly tested and approved for use in life safety and voice evacuation systems. Thus, enabling our Connect Series amplifiers for use in a wider variety of installations. 



LEA Professional Achieves EN54-16 Certification

🦈 Product Certified: 

  • CS352, CS354, CS702, CS704
  • CS352D, CS354D, 702D, 704D

We work hard to make our products adaptable to all types of installations, helping make the work of our integrators and end users a little bit easier.

Safety and reliability have always been a top priority to us, and with EN54-16 certification, the Connect Series range can be used to meet the needs of a diverse range of projects.

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