First Look: Web UI & Cloud Upgrades

If you’re working with our CONNECTSERIES and haven’t updated your units to the latest firmware (version, we highly recommend you do so…

Go ahead, download and update now, we’ll wait…

Ok, now that you’re up-to-date on firmware, let’s talk about what you get. We’re excited to offer a wide range of new features and functionality including:

  • 802.1X PEAP, TLS, TTLS Support
  • Enables China Cloud (
  • Enables PoE functionality for “Reporting from the Grave”
  • Input Override Threshold Adjustments for custom tailoring the auto override and signal sensing override thresholds
  • Dante Models now have various Dante On-Ramp selections (Analog input, Post Crossover, or Amp Output)
  • 350/700 Models can now enable/disable rear pot lockout selections
  • Speaker Tuning Import now allows you to pick what you do and don’t want to import from the tuning file (Inputs, Channel Settings, Crossover, EQ, Limiters)
  • Parametric EQ is now visible without having to expand the EQ page
  • Additional Pilot Tone features for EN54 compliance and advanced Pilot Tone applications
  • Internet Accessible Icon showing if the network has an internet connection or not
  • WiFi and Wired Mac Address are now visible in the Networking Menu
  • WiFi and AP mode show network signal strength
  • Can now sort by IP address when you have multiple amplifiers
  • Improved firmware update experience.  WebUI now shows firmware update stages and displays ‘OK’ when the firmware update has been completed successfully.
  • Various other aesthetic and performance improvements

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