IoT AV Devices For Recurring Revenue

Ok, so you’ve got a new AV project. You’re in the system design process and you need to decide what gear you’ll need for the install. You’ve probably got your go-to brands and makes and models that you’ve used a hundred times. They’re predictable, your comfortable installing them, your comfortable configuring them, and you’re happy with the end result. But, chances are, you’re settling for less. If given the option, why not choose a product that is just as easy (or easier) to install, configure, and maintain but with the added benefit of making you more money? That is the true advantage of choosing IoT AV devices.

You’re probably using IoT products on a daily basis at home. Maybe your toothbrush sends data to the cloud, you might check the video feed from your doorbell on your phone, or maybe you remotely control your home’s lights or thermostat when your away on vacation.

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