JAPAN JAM 2023 Uses Martin Audio MLA and MSI systems

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, many outdoor festivals have been forced to be canceled or prohibited from speaking out in recent years.

In the past, there were various restrictions such as limiting the number of people and requiring masks to be worn. However, this year, all regulations have been lifted, and large-scale rock festivals have returned to scene.. Voice production including audience chorus and call-and-response became possible.

There are many residential areas and commercial facilities in the neighborhood of Chiba City Soga Sports Park.. This year, when the restrictions of the audience has been lifted, a higher SPL is required. At a venue where it is necessary to place emphasis on noise control, we needed to create a system that was different from the conventional system.

Therefore, a system that followed the “ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2022”, which was a great success last year, was used.

Each of the two main stages have eight MLAs at the front. In addition to this, 7 MLA towers were installed at 4 locations each, for a total of 8 locations. Normally, this delay tower is installed on both sides of the audience area, but it is installed only on one side, making it possible to minimize sound leakage outside the venue.

We interviewed Mr. Shuzo Fujii, Chairman of MSI JAPAN, who was in charge of the JAPAN JAM system.

“We had to control sound leakage to the outside of the venue to an unprecedented level, but the results were easy to obtain. Inside the audience area and outside it was a completely different space. It was amazing how much sound pressure and quality was provided that it didn’t leak out.I felt that this outdoor festival was a moment that once again proved the high level of MLA’s controllability.”

This year, MLA will play an active role at three venues: SKY STAGE, SUNSET STAGE, and BUZZ STAGE. Enjoyed Golden Week.

*JAPAN JAM 2023 was held on April 30, 2023/May 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th. Unfortunately, the SUNSET STAGE was canceled on the final day due to strong winds, but all five days were held without incident.

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