Music Art and Goshen Swara select Martin Audio to provide a harmonious audio solution for OPUS Karaoke

INDONESIA: Satulapan Group recently opened OPUS Karaoke in North Jakarta’s PIK area, following the success of its Mantra Club. The new venue was equipped with a state-of-the-art audio system by professional audio installer Music Art and Goshen Swara Indonesia, focusing on Martin Audio speakers to enrich the karaoke experience.

OPUS Karaoke features 11 rooms, including a VVIP Penthouse, two VIP rooms, four medium rooms, and four small rooms, each designed to offer a distinctive singing experience. The project faced challenges such as varying room acoustics and integrating the system with the venue’s design, especially in the VVIP Penthouse, which was prone to sound reflections due to its glass surfaces. Here, Martin Audio’s speakers and subwoofers were deployed to ensure immersive sound quality.

The setup was completed in time for the venue’s grand opening in early March, with both Music Art and Goshen Swara Indonesia acknowledging the success of this collaborative effort. This installation demonstrates the adaptability and excellence of Martin Audio’s products, ensuring OPUS Karaoke delivers a premier audio experience for its patrons.

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