Tooth Tooth chooses Martin Audio system

JAPAN: Tooth Tooth, a well-known restaurant brand, has recently installed a Martin Audio system within its food hall located on the ground floor of newly launched Kobe Port Museum. The city’s cultural complex otherwise consists of an aquarium, food hall and bridal desk.
Speaking on the music, which was produced by Fish Four, Kobe Port Museum president Yutaka Okano says: “High-quality BGM is an indispensable element for restaurants and cafes. We choose music suitable for both daytime and night-time that develops the atmosphere of the place. We have enjoyed a long relationship with Martin Audio and have used the brand in several facilities to date. With confidence in the quality of Martin Audio’s speakers, we again requested them without hesitation.”

Twenty-nine CDD6TX cabinets have been installed on several pillars, covering a wide area of the food hall. In addition, Adorn series speakers have been deployed in the aisles with ACP-55T pendant and ASC-55T ceiling speakers. Considering the outdoor terrace also, 52 Martin Audio speakers have been utilised.

“At night, DJs come in and play live. In addition, there is an event space in the hall, and if necessary, a portable Blackline X10 can be set up,” Okano said. There are three locations where DJ booths can be set up, so it was necessary to devise ways to smoothly transfer the signal inputs from these locations, and this was accomplished via a mobile input DSP rack, with the input signal delivered via Dante.

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