Martin Audio’s Swiss distributor, Go Wild AG, introduced the manufacturer’s TORUS constant curvature array to customers for the first time, when around 20 of the country’s leading rental companies, installers and consultants attended a live demo event, presented by GoWild’s PA specialists, Hubi Knüsel and Dave Spinnler.

TORUS was configured as a DJ set-up consisting of two SXCF118B compact cardioid subs (18in front facing, 14in rear), each with a TORUS T1230 line array on top. This offers a vertical pattern of 30,° with a flexible horizontal pattern that can be manually adjusted between 90°, 60° or 75°.

“We are confident that TORUS can fill the gap between large arrays and point sources in the market,” stated Go Wild’s Head of PA, Patrik Scherrer.

In addition, Go Wild were also able to demonstrate Martin Audio’s WPC line array with WS-218W subs, thanking X-Light & Sound Langenthal for co-organising and providing their own WPC line arrays.

Summing up the success of the event, Patrik Scherrer continued, “The interest was extremely good for this kind of event.

“There was a strong desire to listen to TORUS from rental companies, particularly those that already have Martin Audio arrays in their rental fleets. Our idea was to invite all other interested rental companies and freelancers to share the great performance of these PA systems.”

As a further attraction Martin Audio shared the stage with Allen & Heath, whose product range was introduced by Dave Spinnler.

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