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Linea Research Announces New System Engineer 8

First beta release of new control and telemetry platform to provide software control over M and C Series amplifiers and ASC48 controllers now available for download.

Linea Research has announced the first beta release of System Engineer 8, the company’s new control and telemetry platform designed to provide software control over the M and C Series of networked DSP amplifiers and the ASC48 advanced system controller.

System Engineer 8 divides into three main sections for navigation. Discovery and synchronization of connected devices is designed to be instantaneous, and the three workflow views, Setup, Presets, and Tune, are intended to simplify navigation making system configuration faster and more intuitive.

The Setup view allows the operator to configure the device’s global features. It includes a new input routing mixer/matrix, channel assignment, networking, and bridging. Preset view is where presets can be created, edited, and saved to the computer. Users can preview a selected preset in the browser window before dragging and dropping it into an intended device. Presets can also be created offline using a virtual device ready for deployment once connected to the hardware.

Tune view is where detailed configuration takes place. Dedicated Quick View buttons for Mutes, Gain, Delay, EQ, X-Over, Polarity, Impedance and Current provide Quick View information for each module in the Explorer section. Users can cick on the information in the module and it will expand in the Detail section below for editing and adjustment. Within Tune view, EQ Toggle is a new feature that allows users to toggle between different equalization on the same audio signal. This feature is available on the input, output and groups.

System Engineer 8’s Grouping functionality allows several modules to group for unified control with Overlay EQ, Delay, Gain and Mute. Modules can be assigned to any of the twelve available groups or assigned to multiple groups, particularly useful in controlling larger systems and installations.

System Engineer 8 is currently available on Beta release and can bownloaded from the Linea Research website here. The company states that because this is a Beta release, some features are still in the refining stage. New features are in development and will be added, with a final release due next year.

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LEA Professional

LEA Amps Power Texas School District: Bryan ISD

LEA Amps Power Texas School District: Bryan ISD

With a rapidly growing music program, yet an unsophisticated audio system, Bryan Independent School District looked to LEA Professional to ensure their students would be given the opportunity to flourish in their musical endeavors. 

Let’s dive in!



🏢 Venue: Bryan Independent School District | Bryan, TX

👷‍♂️ Integrator: Covenant Communications

🎶 Audio Spaces: 12 identical rooms across 4 campuses

🦈 Product Used: CONNECTSERIES  CS352D (qty 12)





Covenant Communications is a Houston-based AV and lighting company with over 21 years of experience. Since its start in the House of Worship market sector, Covenant has widened its client base to include installations within education facilities, live music venues, hospitals and stadiums. The firm is unique in its offering as it understands the AV needs of the clients it serves; it also understands that the end users often need training so they can get the most of their system. As such, the company often hosts intense training sessions when an install is completed.  



Paul Mar, system designer and engineer at Platinum AVL,  explained that the owners of the Thirsty Lion come from a nightclub background and as a result were very aware of how important good sound and good music is to the dining experience.

With the pedigree of LEA Professional giving Mar, the extra assurance he needed, he chose to specify eight Connect Series amps for the Grand scape location and six Connect Series amps for the Preston Hollow Location. Platinum AVL specified and installed a mixture of 702 and 354 Connect Series amplifiers in the venue. 


Covenant got to work and designed a new AV system in twelve identical rooms across four different campuses, consisting of one amplifier per room powering Electro-voice EVF 1122S speakers. Like many integrators, the team faced supply chain issues and the original amplifier provider could not deliver on time. Under pressure to get the school up and running before the new school year began, Covenant turned to LEA Professional, a company they heard of within the industry but had yet to try. 

“At a time where we were scrambling to find amplifiers, the Connect Series not only filled a gap but provided us with more features, power and smart tools than we have seen from other amplifiers,” said Kyle Hall, Customer Support Specialist at Covenant. “I’m glad it all happened the way it did so that we could experience the hype for ourselves and understand why they are becoming popular in the industry.” 

To set up the system the team at Covenant used LEA’s Web UI. The Web UI is LEA Professional’s browser-based interface which allows local monitoring of every amplifier connected to the network from any phone, tablet or PC. In addition, it allows users to view the status of every channel on any given amp, where the amps are online or offline, powered on or in a standby mode. The Web UI can even allow for a quick performance status to report any errors or faults and more. This ensures that any system issues are flagged immediately during the install process.

 “The Web UI is one of my favorite features about the Connect Series amplifiers,” commented Hall. “With this tool we didn’t need to download any software, instead it was just all on a web browser, allowing a super easy and fast set up.”

 Not only that, but the sleek, clever design of the Connect Series ensures all power switches are hidden, removing the worry of students tampering with the amps. 



Covenant will soon hold a training session with the educators in this district to ensure faculty is familiar with the system. However, with the intuitive user-centric design and support from LEA Professional, Covenant is confident the system will give the faculty and students everything they need, and more. 

“These amplifiers are truly excellent, we have already started to use them in other projects,” commented Hall. “This system is a huge upgrade from where Bryan ISD came from, the teachers and students are now even more excited for the school year.” 

We’d like to thank Mark Pearson and his team at CCI Solutions for choosing our amps for this killer installation and we hope that the audio systems will continue to deliver reliable audio for students at Tumwater High School for years to come.

Martin Audio


Portugal’s ever-popular Porto Drum Show recently relocated to the impressive Alfândega do Porto for its fourth edition.

Having successfully supported the event previously, Martin Audio’s Portuguese distributor, Sons Do Marques were back in action, featuring a state-of-the-art Wavefront Precision (WPS) PA for the main demonstration space.

The event brings together a collection of world class drummers for one evening, including Dave Weckl (Chick Corea, Mike Stern, Dave Weckl Band), Gergo Borlai (Al di Meola, Frank Gambale, Bob Mintzer), Derrick Mackenzie (Jamiroquai), Miguel Lamas (Dany Martin, Carlos Rivera) and Mike Terrana (Axel Rudie Pell, Tony Macalpine, Ywngie Malmsteen). All featured in the drum clinic on the demo stage throughout the course of the evening.

The show itself is split across three spaces of equal size: one for demonstrating drum brands, one for artist drummers’ shows, and one exclusively for Portuguese artists.

“We have always been able to place so much trust in Martin Audio equipment, that we have remained really relaxed about that.”

Hugo Danin, Show Director

The main stage was equipped with six WPS PA elements on each side of the stage, run in the optimum 1-box resolution by Martin Audio iKON iK42 amplifiers, complemented by a pair of SXH218 subwoofers. The drummers were able to monitor their sound through a pair of Martin Audio’s flagship, high-output XE500 stage wedges.

Martin Audio had been specified by promoter and show director, Hugo Danin, and after last year’s success with Martin Audio’s WPM he had no hesitation in returning to Sons Do Marques, who this year supplied the larger system. Stated company owner, Rogério Lopes, “We saw this as the perfect opportunity to promote the new Wavefront line arrays. We chose WPS this year due to the dimensions of the room.” In another space, Martin Audio’s TORUS T1215 constant curvature system, in conjunction with an SCX118, provided coverage.

The sound system design was in the capable hands of the team from Sons Do Marques, assisted by their tech partner Gustavo Rodrigues, in order to balance the system. This was because due to the odd dimensions of the room, the hard surfaces and the nature of the content there was a good deal of reverberation to contend with.

The event was also supported by experienced sound engineer, Nuno Coelho, who unreservedly endorsed the sound system. “Previously I had the opportunity to use the smaller WPM system, with very satisfactory results. The new WPS has proved to be a very compact and lightweight solution—suited to a wide range of applications. In the challenging environment in which the Porto Drum Show was held, the system was not only able to reveal its power, but above all the ability to reproduce with definition and clarity instruments recorded and played in live mode.”

“We like to present this event in some really strange places, and have a particular passion for warehouses and old factories,” added Hugo Danin. “Therefore, we know we will experience poor acoustic conditions in buildings with lots of reverberation”.

“However, we have always been able to place so much trust in Martin Audio equipment, that we have remained really relaxed about that. In other words, they have always saved us from our own decisions by bringing out the best solutions for our needs”.

“This is the third time that we have had the pleasure of using a Martin Audio sound system for this event. Both they, and Sons Do Marques, are a really important part of our team—and we will be happy to work with these guys forever!”

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Rui Bandeira. Used with permission.